Ted Lucas was a phenomenal musician who performed solo and in a number of bands. He appeared in-concert and was also a studio musician. He played numerous clubs, concerts, and colleges. Ted's musical career began in Michigan in the early 1960's, and continued until his death in 1992. He played primarily in the Midwest, but also performed in San Francisco, Manhattan, Windsor and Toronto Canada.

While Ted is best classified as a rock musician, he originally majored in classical guitar at Wayne State University. He was a student of Blues, Country, Jazz, Middle Far Eastern, and contemporary music. His inspirations and teachers included Jo Fava (guitar) & Ravi Shankar (sitar). He performed in-concert or opened for The Eagles, Frank Zappa, Yes, John McLaughlin, Black Sabbath, Ravi Shankar, and others.

Ted was a studio musician with Motown until they moved to Los Angeles. He was their 'exotic string' specialist and could be heard playing a balalaika, sitar, acoustic 6 or 12 string guitar and more. His work can be heard on albums by The Temptations, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, and more. He also did session work at Warner/Reprise, RCA and other major labels.

Ted Lucas was a member of the original Spike Drivers. He also formed The Misty Wizards, The Horny Toads, Ted Lucas & the Phasers, The Androids, and Boogie Disease.

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