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Ted LucasItem #1 "Ted Lucas," self-titled vintage vinyl LP

UPDATE:2/15/11 The vintage vinyl album is now $120 (includes domestic shipping), overseas shipping is $14. This is a mint, never-played Ted Lucas album in original jacket with a repro lyric sheet insert. Act now, as we only have a VERY limited number of the vintage, original press vinyl.

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This beautiful artwork by the famous Stanley Mouse was originally done for Ted Lucas' 1st solo album, and was later sold to the band Journey. The scarab design was used on several of Journey's records from the mid-1970's to the late 1980's. LP Written and produced by Ted Lucas, engineer & remix by Milan Bogdan, Mastering by Howard Craft, Mastercraft Studios, Memphis TN, ©1975


Side 1
Plain & Sane & Simple Melody
It's So Easy (when you know what you're doing)
I'll Find A Way (to carry it all)
Baby Where You Are
It's So Nice To Get Stoned

Side 2
Robins Ride (with Danny Ballas on congas)
Sonny Boy Blues
Love & Peace Raga (with Carol Lucido on tambura)


Item #2 "Ted Lucas," self-titled reissue vinyl LP

This is the great new LP reissue of the self-titled album (also known as "The Om Album") by Sebastian Speaks / Yoga Records. It includes a paper insert with credits and lyrics. The back cover features a striking portrait of Ted. The cover is printed and mounted in the "old style". It looks and sounds great. $16 plus $3 shipping in the US only. International buyers please email for shipping rates. If your local record store isn't stocking this album and you think it should, please email.

Item #3 "Ted Lucas," self-titled reissue CD

This is the 1st time this great album is being presented on cd and features 24-bit remastered sound remastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Sound, in a mini LP paper sleeve cover complete with facsimile of the original monster studios promo/lyric insert sheet. It was released by Yoga records in conjunction with Riverman Music. It includes an 8-page booklet written and designed by Ted's friend and musical collaborator Dennis Loren, who shares his memories of Ted, featuring more than a dozen vintage photos. and it sounds amazing. $15 anywhere in the world.

Item #4 CD Compliation of Ted Lucas Songs

This 2002 cd was compiled and released exclusively through the Ted lucas website by Ted's family. We wanted to stay true to the album but expand on it a bit and included several songs not previously available. The cd was made on a at home cd burner and all the graphics and printing was done on an HP pc so there's no flashy graphics or slick cover. We used alternate mixes when we could. Ted was always working on tunes and when he passed he left us with hundreds, if not 1000's of hours of recordings and in some cases several different versions of songs. In addition to the album variants is a remix of the previously only on 45 song "Head in California". We also included "Strange Mysterious Sounds" from the Spikedrivers single and "Anastasia" which was previously on on the "Detroit Folk Scene" album from the mid-70s. This cd runs a very long 67+minutes and features 20 of Ted's songs, including:


Plain and Sane and Simple Melody
Strange Mysterious Sounds
Images of Life
Its so Easy
Now That I know
Searching for Love
Baby Where You Are
So Nice To Get Stoned
Slow Motion Ocean (of love)
I'll Find a Way
Mama Rita
Nobody Loves Me(like my baby does)
Plain and Sane and Simple and Melody (re-edit)


$15 in the US, $18 anywhere else in the world.

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