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George Kerby's Web Page.

George played guitar with Ted Lucas and the Phasers in the 70s. In that version of the band, they featured the late Jim "Thunder" Thele on drums, Dr. Don percussion, Keith Buchanan bass, and Ted and George on guitar. George continues to perform, most recently with The Ghost Band.


Piazza Salon & Mr. Tony's Barber Shop
Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Owner: Annette Lucas


 Muruga's Web Page

Check out Muruga's webpage. Muruga was a drummer for the spike drivers, and is a wonderful musician who is still performing.


Another Steve Booker (AKA Muruga) website for your enjoyment.

Check out this website if you would like to order the Spike Drivers newly remastered 2 cd set 


Farscape Anyone?

Are you a Farscape fan? Check out the Detroit Scapers website